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(Mint) Cream Puffs

After voicing concerns about the relative difficulty of making eclairs (some might say “whining”), a few friends recommended making cream puffs instead. Same general concept, but much less aggravation. They were absolutely right. There’s no pastry cream involved. There’s no … Continue reading

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(Mini) Mint Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies

(Dude needs a manicure.) The wonderful thing about whoopie pies (other than allowing me to write ridiculous things like “the wonderful thing about whoopie pies”) is that as soon as you got the cookie part down, there’s really no limit … Continue reading

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Mint Hot Chocolate Cookies

We had some end-of-days weather the other week, so my mind wasn’t on pumpkin spice.  Instead, I thought about hiding inside and enjoying some hot chocolate. Then I thought that would make for a pretty solid cookie. Then I figured someone had … Continue reading

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