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Chewy Espresso Toffee Chip Chocolate Cookies

Most espresso cookie recipes out there call for espresso powder in minimal amounts. Even then, it’s primarily used as a way to enhance the taste of the chocolate…not as a flavor in and of itself. Basically, they’re dirty, dirty liars. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Banana Nut Bread

No surprises here, but¬†my kitchen counter was home to a bunch of overripe bananas. I could solve the problem once and for all by just buying fewer of ’em, but A) $.29 a pound is too good a deal to … Continue reading

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Coconut Macaroons With Dark Chocolate

(What’s up Jackson Pollock?) When it comes to food, the Tribe certainly knows what they’re doing. This particular recipe might have the highest risk vs. reward ratio of anything out there. They’re¬†incredibly easy to make and they turn out wonderfully. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Walnut Brondies

Despite the relatively easy portmanteau-ability of “Brownie” and “Blondie,” there’s a surprising dearth of this very thing on the ol’ interwebs. Sure, it exists, but in nowhere near the numbers one would expect. The fact that Google’s search is wont … Continue reading

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(Mini) Mint Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies

(Dude needs a manicure.) The wonderful thing about whoopie pies (other than allowing me to write ridiculous things like “the wonderful thing about whoopie pies”) is that as soon as you got the cookie part down, there’s really no limit … Continue reading

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Chewy Dark Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

There’s nothing worse than biting into an oatmeal cookie only to realize that what you thought were chocolate chips were, in fact, raisins. Sorry grandmas everywhere, but raisins ruin everything. Easy enough to fix, though. Simply substitute chocolate chips for … Continue reading

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