Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

While I like to do my baking alone and without any distraction—a man’s got to concentrate, these cupcakes are serious business—I can’t escape the ever-longing eyes of my four-legged companion, Max. Hoping I’ll drop something or my steely reserve will be weakened by that cute little face of his and I’ll throw him a figurative bone, he’s never less than a foot away whenever I’m doing my thing. Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread

IMG_3649As a single man, naturally, I had a bunch of rotting bananas sitting on a shelf in my kitchen. If my mom has taught me one thing, it’s that women aren’t into guys in their mid 30s who still live at home. If she’s taught me two things, it’s that when life gives you rotten bananas, you make banana bread. Continue reading

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Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

I’ve always been curious to know just how accurate the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine fails a drug test due to eating some a poppy seeds was. Turns out, it’s pretty accurate. So, fair warning, if you got a trip to Africa scheduled, don’t even think about eating these muffins. You’ll be missing the experience of a lifetime. And no muffin is worth that—even if they’re as light and fluffy of these little gems turned it to be. Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Cupcakes

Might as well come out and say it: I got this idea when I was watching “Cupcake Wars” a few weeks ago (while on a cruise with my mother, no less!). One of the contestants made a cupcake using sweet potato and since I had a few lying about the ol’ kitchen, I figured I’d try something very similar. The contestant went with some terrible creamy marshmallow frosting, overlooking the tuber’s natural compliment, good ol’ toasted marshmallow. Continue reading

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Cornbread Muffins With BBQ Pulled Pork

IMG_2930Sure, sure, pride goeth before the fall and all that, but I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this particular culinary effort (Editor’s Note: Culinary is strong word for what are essentially meat cupcakes).  I didn’t have a specific recipe to work from—Google is severely lacking with the whole “Cornbread muffin stuffed with pulled pork recipe” results—so, I really had no idea how these would turn out. Continue reading

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Reese’s Pieces Brownie Cookies

I’ll spare you some long-winded story about these cookies. Basically, I came across this recipe a while back and made it a little easier to follow. Other than that, all you need to know is that they’re kind of a pain in the ass to make, but totally worth the stack of dishes you end up with.  Continue reading

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