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(Mint) Cream Puffs

After voicing concerns about the relative difficulty of making eclairs (some might say “whining”), a few friends recommended making cream puffs instead. Same general concept, but much less aggravation. They were absolutely right. There’s no pastry cream involved. There’s no … Continue reading

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Mini Éclairs With Raspberry Cream

My French is a little rusty, but I think éclair translates to: “Pain in the ass to make. Seriously, they take three hours, make a mess of your kitchen, and aren’t worth the time required. If you’re in the mood for one, just … Continue reading

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Tiramisu Brownies

During my trip to Italy a few years ago, I made it a personal mission to eat as much tiramisu as humanly possible (when I wasn’t pretending to like wine). For a somewhat reformed fat kid, this particular dessert is … Continue reading

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Chewy Espresso Toffee Chip Chocolate Cookies

Most espresso cookie recipes out there call for espresso powder in minimal amounts. Even then, it’s primarily used as a way to enhance the taste of the chocolate…not as a flavor in and of itself. Basically, they’re dirty, dirty liars. … Continue reading

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Chocolate Banana Nut Bread

No surprises here, but my kitchen counter was home to a bunch of overripe bananas. I could solve the problem once and for all by just buying fewer of ’em, but A) $.29 a pound is too good a deal to … Continue reading

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Coconut Macaroons With Dark Chocolate

(What’s up Jackson Pollock?) When it comes to food, the Tribe certainly knows what they’re doing. This particular recipe might have the highest risk vs. reward ratio of anything out there. They’re incredibly easy to make and they turn out wonderfully. … Continue reading

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